i'm in a perfume heaven with a cement sky

i wanna rip your head off while i tell you a lie

agatha crispies, air dusters, amanda lepore, asian horror, attrition, auto-erotic mummification, babydoll, balloons, bangs, beating up hippies, being a girl, being a mental patient, bette davis, bitch hogs, black velvet whisky, bleeding lips, blood/water, body image, boop-boop-a-doop, bunnies, butterflies, cambodian clusterfuck, cannibalism, carousels, chronically dilated pupils, cigarettes, clumpy eyelashes, consensual sodomy, corsets, courtney love, crying, cunt, cupcakes, cutting, daffodility, date rape psychosis, david brom, delightful cynicism, doggy-style, dolls, drawn-on eyebrows, dryhumping, dumpsterdiving, exhibitionism, fake hair, false eyelashes, floaties, flowers, fluff, fucking, gel pens, generose, gimme a fix, glitter, gore, grinding, hair bows, hallucinations, hands, hard drinking, harlequin ichthyosis, hedonism, helen kane, hello kitty, heterochromia, honesty, hot rednecks, house of 1000 corpses, hugs, i've learned something today, inhalants, justin berfield, keloids, kelpies, kenny mccormick, khmer, laurel & claudia, like, lipstick, lisa frank, lizzie mcguire, maraschino cherries, marshmallows, mary janes, melissa lauren, milk, mint melties, morbid curiosity, moshing, mung, mutant ghetto grasshoppers, mutton dressed as lamb, my little pony, nip/tuck, nostalgia, nothing is sacred, ohmygodtheykilledkenny, oldboy, orgasms, otis driftwood, pall mall 100's, pansexuality, paraphilia, park chan-wook, peace plaza, peeing in litterboxes, pinups, pixy stix, plastic surgery, pms, pokémon, polymorphous perversity, poodles, pork blood, porn, pot-bellies, princess peach, puppy chow, pussy, queen sindel, quetiapine, raspberry chocolate, regretting nothing?, revenge, riot grrrl, rise of the triad, rob zombie, rocking horses, rogers memorial hospital, sadomasochism, salad fingers, sex, shaving, smoking, spoken-word, stick-on earrings, symbolism, tampons, tarot cards, the devil's rejects, thinking xxx, tila tequila, together forever, too much mascara, top secret clown business, trichotillomania, valleygirl, violence, walking around naked, wigs