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if they don't let us in through the front, we'll come through the side

sooo there is a top-secret opportunity for me and 27 others to train to be a medical transcriptionist (like my mom). it's paid training, and lasts for four months. afterwards i would be obligated to work for the clinic for 2 years, but since college is looking less and less...whatever, i'm gonna give it a go. i just hope i actually get into the class. i really need something like this. and even if i hate it, i would be making good money.

mom made pork ribs tonight since drew came over to watch survivor (ugh) with her. normally i would be pumped but she used the wrong rub so they were too spicy. (and i thought i had gotten used to spice eating at sovann's.) anyway, everyone who's had ribs knows how messy they are. after we ate, mom went to set up their show and i asked drew to help me do the dishes. he totally didn't so i'm a bit irked at him.

and i just found a bit of bbq sauce ON MY ARM. how does this happen.

but it's alright; i have some free computer games thanks to being an unwitting member of for the past five months. hahaha.
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