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and my heart goes on beating.

i really feel fine. ron seems to think i'll crack later, but being somewhat prepared for this, at least expecting it, has helped immensely.

i suppose things will carry on as usual. assuming the funeral will be in florida, most of my immediate family and i won't be able to attend which sucks. not that i remember firsthand, but my grandfather did not cope well when betts died. now that he's older, it will probably be worse. my mom said to my father's sister on the phone earlier that perhaps dad will fly down to florida so he can drive back up here with grandpa drew, just so he doesn't have to be alone. assuming he wants to come back at all.

spring break is next week. i didn't realise this until i saw mention of it on facebook earlier today. i'm not all that excited, oddly. it will be nice to be able to sleep all day, but i already do that four days a week. useless, seriously. whatever, i'll feel better after the next test is over (wednesday). as long as i get a b or better, anyway.

pills. i don't want to be up until 4am; must study more tomorrow.
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